15 February, 2009

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The tale of my last night at Hospital Lorena is on its way, I promise. Currently getting reacquainted with typing on my "anglo" keyboard, driving a car, speaking only one language, making transactions in US currency, and talking on my cell phone. Feeling infinitely grateful for the everyday privileges of a hot shower, toilets with seats, and a comfortable mattress!

Hard to believe a mere week ago we were all having brunch at Jack's, following descent from Temple of the Moon.

Letting go of constantly counting my change to be sure I have enough soles for cab fare, the ever-present cognition of the state of my scrubs and hospital tote bag, the location of my purple ear plugs so I can attempt to nap on lumpy mattresses while our kindly neighbors blast music through the wall, needing to drop off/pick up laundry, wondering if I have time to grab food somewhere before work, and where, and what? What classes are scheduled today and should I remain semi-alert so I can sit in circle? Is this a good time to shower since few people are using electricity right now? Is anyone else in a shower? Is this shower working today? How many coffee presses are still functional and is one available RIGHT NOW?

my friend Claire started an excellent blog, replete with photos of our house, our street, the hospital, and Cusco environs. check it out here.

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