16 July, 2009


Yesterday the ACNM published a letter to Congress in which the organization recommends NOT recognizing the CPM credential as a valid midwifery standard. The letter is crafted with the most heinous doublespeak: it acknowledges the CPM as an accredited credential with a "psychometrically sound exam" at the same time as it attempts to dismiss it outright. We need MORE midwives, not fewer. Why does one group think it gets to define the profession for everyone?

I am saddened and angry. Reminds me of a piece Jan Tritten wrote called Don't Sell Your Sisters Down the River.

Is this endless dividing really serving women?

Pulling rank is so stinky.

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Travel lust with a love of the Organic~must be child friendly!~ said...

amen amen!! WTF indeed. Why do we keep turning on each other??