09 April, 2008

just desserts

My son and I enjoyed some lawn-wildcrafted violets this evening. How my heart does backflips when his wee voice says "thank you violets!" When I joined him outside I noticed he had something green in his mouth. "What are you eating?" "Chickweed!"

I always envisioned sharing my love of herbs with a child. But I couldn't fully imagine the joy. And violets are especially yummy in mint chocolate chip ice cream. (Take note, FAK!)


Unknown said...

my boys brought in a bunch today. how do you eat them just raw?

Birthkeeper said...

yes, you can eat flowers, leaves, stems, the lot!

tie-dyed doula said...

I have 3 herbalists in my family (my 3 boys :)) I also get that "warm fuzzy" when they bring in fistfuls of things from the yard to eat, to cook with, to boil into tea. What a wonderful accomplishment that I feel about this, i am glad someone else truly understands these feelings! I hope you have a wonderful day. Feel free to add me to your blogroll if your interested-smile
Shine On!!