18 June, 2008

"natural" ice cream?

In a bid to become competitive with other grocery stores, a certain healthfood store chain has begun to sell its own line of foods, including canned beans, pasta, olive oil, and "natural" ice cream. The ice cream ingredients are on par with haagen-dazs or breyer's: milk, cream, sugar, maybe some carrageenan. Because there are no additives or colorings or artificial flavors, it gets to call itself "natural".

Is this misleading the masses?

The company's overall product philosophy reads quite pristine.

So what's the truth with this ice cream?

I wonder where the milk and cream comes from, if the cows have been given rBGH, antibiotics, GMO and pesticide-ridden feed, or cardboard for dietary roughage. I wonder if the cows are factory-farmed under fluorescent lights, if they stand upon hard concrete floors in their own excrement all day long, if they ever feel the breeze, get rained upon, eat anything fresh and green.

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