30 May, 2009

comedy of errors

So on this lovely morning I find myself driving to a birth. Cruising through a main street of town, I think "I am going to make great time." Then I get behind 2 cars, the front of which is driving 25 in a 35 mph zone. Really?!

The car turns at the next major intersection, and I briefly rejoice by stepping on the accelerator, until a posse of bike dudes decked out in serious bike gear crosses the street and merges into traffic. Grrr...

The other car and I slowly maneuver past the biker posse. Then I turn onto the rural 2-lane highway and find myself behind a garbage truck! I manage to pass the one car between us, but every time I dip left past the truck to gauge traffic, I see an oncoming car.

The garbage truck finally turns...at the same intersection as I. "Screw this," I say as I motor past the truck illegally, but safely.

A hearse pulls out in front of me.

Actual cost of driving time=10 minutes.
Cost of comedic effect=priceless.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Nothing like the universe throwing patience at you:)