22 August, 2012

Counting: #BlogElul 4

Counting is about value.  Not just numerical value, but also energetic and emotional value.  Numerical counting is objective; energetic counting more subjective.   If someone says "count on me" you know she has your back.  Her energy is of value to you.  Similarly "count me in" means I'm lending my presence, my energy to your endeavor.

Since Miss L. came along nearly 9 months ago, I've found I must limit the number of people and organizations who count upon me.  It feels quite good and wholly necessary to set boundaries, lest I take too much on and drive myself (and those in my immediate vicinity) crazy.  I'm starting to get more calls for birth and herb work in my community again.  It feels wonderful.  I want to say yes to everyone.  But there are two little people and one big person counting on me to be here primarily for them. 

And here's what I have going on outside my immediate family and their needs and activities:
  • On call for a birth in September; prenatal visits up 'til the birth, restocking and preparing my supplies, preparing childcare options, the actual on-call time, and postpartum care.
  • Staffing a table and giving a talk at a Pregnancy Fair, also in September. 
  • Facilitating a Holistic Pregnancy workshop in October.
  • Staffing a table at a Baby Fair in October.
  • Serving on the local Doula group board and two state Midwifery organizations (meetings every month for at least one of those groups; plus online time).
  • Commissioned to encapsulate several placentas each month.
  • Facilitating an Herbal Workshop in the spring; need to create outline for submission.
  • New client due in spring--starting prenatal visits with her.
I LOVE what I do.  Love it.  I count myself very blessed to need to say no sometimes. 

Counting myself blessed to have a vocation I love, a roof over my head, food in my belly, a safe home and a healthy family is still another form of accounting value, of stock-taking.  I'd say the tally-sheet is full in all the right ways.   

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