20 August, 2012

Inventory: #BlogElul 2

At the request of my dear darling life partner, I flip-flopped over half our kitchen cabinets today.  With an eager 8-month old assistant.  The jars and jars and jars of herbs were taking up impractical space.  So many dusty jars!  Am I ever going to use this one?  How old is this?  Sniff, sniff.  Yes, still potent.  Why do I have so much Cascara Sagrada?  (That department is just fine, thank you).   When did I make that extract and should I decant it?  Is the moon waxing or waning and is it still in Virgo?  Are the tinctures in alphabetical order by Latin or English name?  Am I an insufferable geek?  Am I an herb hoarder? 

The busy day draws to a close.  Children sigh in their sleep.  Lying nestled between them is truly my favorite place to be.  My body is peaceful, but my mind races.  Is everything ready for tomorrow?  Do I have enough water next to the bed?  Did I take out my contacts yet?  Where is J's backpack?  Does he have clean underwear?  Do I have clean underwear?  Did I un-silence my alarm?  I should check the weather to see if the park playdate is still happening.  Must remember to bring diaper covers for J and gestational wheels for S and S.  I should make dinner tomorrow night; what should I make?  Have to organize the waterbirth bin soon.  Do we need more eggs?  Am I giving everyone in my life enough love and attention?  How can I achieve more balance with everyone when a baby is literally sucking the life force out of me?

Breathe.  Love.  Rest.  All is in order.

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