13 January, 2009


yesterday morning I hiked up behind our casa to some ruins which overlook the city. at the top I could see the entire valley, encircling hills, and behind me sheep grazing on plains and the next mountain ridge. bonita! I sat for a while, catching my breath, eating some plums, and reveling in gratitude (and endorphins).

last night, coming down some stairs outside a cafe, I slipped and fell flat on my ass.

ashe´! so it is!

tonight is my first shift at Hospital Lorena, so I´ll be bringing ibuprofen & arnica along with my fetoscope & gloves. No matter what, birth and life go on.


Unknown said...

Yay you made it! I can't wait to here more. hugs and kisses rach!

Irisflame said...

OUCH! Poor bebe!

Sounds like a beautiful day though! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying yourself!

Much Love,