14 January, 2009

las plantas

my heart is filled from encountering so many green friends here in the bellybutton of the world.

in our courtyard: comfrey, dandelions, plantain, roses, shepherd´s purse (true casa de las matronas, no?), nasturtiums, rosemary, geraniums & parsley.

around town: muña (a mint like poléo mint, somewhat of a cross between pennyroyal and spearmint), calendula, nettles, hollyhocks, sweet lil´malva neglecta, random plots of potatoes, lamb´s quarters, & snapdragons. the town is both verdant and litter-strewn, a strange combination. in the hills, nearly every available field and terrace is planted with corn or potatoes.

will post more on my hospital experiences when I am feeling less tired and better able to organize my thoughts.


Ysha said...

Adriennita! You are there to catch babies, I am dumbly thinking, because I didn't know. Re las plantas, Geranium can be on your list for Mamas, best I understand. The essential oil is helpful, they say, for releasing physical and emotional toxins from the liver, and for mother issues.

Doubly valuable perhaps, along with the other great liver herbs you are finding, since according to the jyotish astrological forecast, liver and gall bladder are at issue now for many at least thru August. I'd love to hear what you see there, and delighted to be hearing your magic insights again.

Love and Blessings, Ysha

Jenni~ Lana Bella said...

bring home the plantain lol

CrescentMoonMama said...

oh, I am envious! I hope you'll allow me to treat you to tea when you return.... so many stories to tell!

Be Well,