11 January, 2009

soy en cusco!

travel was smooth & uneventful, though tiring...trying to nap under the bright lights at the Lima airport was made slightly less challenging due to the navy polyester blanket Delta gifted me. next trip, an eye pillow/mask is a definite must!

the glorious sunset on the Atlanta-Lima flight faded away so slowly, an amazing sight. and yes, Joshua, the toilets at the airport are automatic. (he likes to know these things)

when I fly, I call in various animal and plant spirits to guide and protect the plane. once when I was doing this, a woman two seats over was crossing herself in prayer to Jesus. I thought, great, the more protection we have, the better!

For the Lima to Cusco flight, I started per usual, calling yarrow to enwrap the plane, owl to inspect and then fly high above and behind as overseer, fox to trot in front and navigate. next I call birds to hold the strands of yarrow, and different birds come each time. friday´s guides were a small flock of doves and a condor. huh? i have never enountered a condor before.

well, upon arrival I learned our house in Cusco is called La Casa del Condor, and it is just down the street from a huge sculpted condor atop a pole, overlooking the city.

condor´s symbology includes:
-soaring above one´s limitations
-messenger to the gods, carrying our prayers
-teacher of ancient mysteries of life and death
-death and rebirth
-new visions
-riding the thermals of life to maximize one´s power and energy
-adapting to change

bienvenidos, indeed.

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